Our project aims to strengthen and promote the culture of indigenous peoples in Mexico.


From the year 2013, one of our Center’s major tasks has been to accompany and defend the human rights of thousands of  indigenous farmworkers, mostly from the Mixteca region, who every season migrate to here to work in  farms under exploitation, precarious, unhealthy and overcrowded housing conditions.

One of the biggest challenges was to reduce the cultural shock to indigenous families caused by  urban society, for this reason and with the aim to avoid the paternalism, we directed our efforts to accompaniment to design together with our beneficiaries autonomic, self-managed empowering processes in topics related to human rights, housing, health, education, culture and human development.


As a result we built a temporary shelter where indigenous people are welcome and receive support during their process of adaptation to the urban environment.

Centro de Desarrollo Indígena Loyola was founded in 1998, its precedent was the Indigenous Day-Care Center Loyola DIF-Ibero,  which was created to  provide care to children while their parents were selling their handcrafts in the streets.

CDIL Centro de Desarrollo Indígena Loyola



To work together with migrant/urban  indigenous populations in the process of strengthening their identity and autonomy with a self-management approach.

To be an intercultural center that contributes to the development of capacities and opportunities of the indigenous people, in co-responsibility with themselves, the society and the government.

In the Center for Indigenous Development we provide shelter to 25 families of 5 different ethnic groups :






The Center offers:

Foster home

Advisory in productive projects management.

Social insertion.

Nutrition and health..

Legal advice

Human rights promotion

Cultural and human development

Lets create a Fair Society

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