Nenemi Centro Educativo Intercultural.

"Nenemi", which means "walk together" in Náhuatl language, is the intercultural pre-school and elementary school of our Indigenous Development Center

This project represents and materializes the effort of a multicultural and interdisciplinary community formed by teachers, indigenous people, parents and a group of committed citizens who wish to construct intercultural education spaces based on equity and social justice.

We assist more than 100 children, mostly indigenous, being our main objective to preserve their roots, languages, traditions and culture.


We are an educational innovative center that proposes the dialog of knowledge with an intercultural approach to recognize the sense of belonging and identity of the educational community in an urban marginal context.


To generate and to strengthen skills and behaviors in the educational community in order to develop life options

In nenemi we assist more than 100 migrant children offering them:

Pre-school and  elementary education

Health and Nutrition

Cultural Projects

Intercultural community living

In Nenemi we have an organic first aid kit, residue and earthworm composts and a small vegetable garden, in addition to a library and digital education area.

Lets build a better future!

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